Yoga Teacher Courses in Australia

Yoga Teacher Courses in Australia for Student

Do you enjoy Yoga? Why not take it to the next level and become an internationally certified and qualified yoga teacher?

Originally developed in India, yoga is a discipline that combines the spiritual, mental and physical elements to strengthen the mind and body. Through combining various techniques including meditation, philosophy and chanting, your instructor will also help you develop a sense of purpose and goal-setting for your future lessons and style of teaching.

Just as not all body types are the same, teaching yoga is also different depending on the individual. Through the yoga teaching courses, a study of different body types, injuries as well as approaches will aid all individuals regardless of age, fitness level and body type.

Registered Yoga Teacher

Teaching Methods

Be able to:

  • Teach and cue a yoga class through verbal and visual communication
  • Teach yoga beginners through to intermediate learners
  • Plan first and prepare a yoga class
  • Confidently adjust and work with a student safely
  • Develop and grow with confidence to build your own yoga business


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