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Study English in Australia

Study & Learn English in Australia 

Experience various cultures whilst learning English in Australia

As Australia is an English speaking country many international students travel to Australia to study. Australian education is renowned worldwide as well as recognized by companies. English courses are called ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) in Australia, and there are currently over 220 schools that Study English in Australia. Australian education levels are nationally recognized as well as being culturally diverse where english schools have taught many immigrants over the years. Due to various reasons English teachers levels are high as well as the students as well as immigrants who have studied English, have reached high levels in a very short amount of time. Due to the quality of Australian English schools students from South America, Europe, etc. come to Australia to study English.

Advantages of Studying at an English School

If you are on an Australian student visa than it is possible to work part-time 20 hours per week. Students who head to Australia to study can find part-time jobs that suit their English levels and help pay for their school fees and living expenses. Additionally, through various experiences students are able to use their English skills in real English speaking settings. 

Different types of English

General English

How to take lecture notes, write reports, give presentations

EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading for Beginner~Advanced Levels

Exam preparation Courses

IELTS, TESOL, Cambridge Certificate preparation

High School Preparation courses

For students who are looking to go to high schools in Australia

Business English

For those wanting to learn how to hold business presentations and learn various english business words


TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching to students whose English is not their mother tongue

TECSOL (Teaching English to Child Speakers of Other Languages)

Teaching to children whose English is not their mother tongue

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